Best Safety Light for Running or Jogging at Nights

Best Safety Light for Running or Jogging at Nights
With the advent of the corporate culture, it is rather common for people to go for a run at dawn or dusk. The hours of the evening seem to be the most feasible time to run. After a long day’s work, you can go for a run in the evenings with ease. Therefore, the popularity of safety lights for runners at night has taken the sports market by storm in recent years. Joggers light helps ensure your safety if you are someone who likes to choose evenings or early dawn as their preferred time for a jog.


Many people prefer their nighttime run after sleeping in during the day. For this stratum of the population, running lights for joggers are quintessential to their lifestyle. Best running lights allow the fellow joggers to be aware of your presence and thus, in turn, avoid a mishap. Never let your odd jog hours keep you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Running lights help you navigate and maneuver the tracks while also keeping fellow joggers at a safe distance. If you are someone who loves their jog in the after-hours, running lights are for you! We have curated a list of running lights that might help you during your nighttime or evening jog. What are the best running lights? We’ll help you choose!


Top Running Lights For Joggers

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Knuckle Lights Knuckle Lights Check price on Amazon
Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights Check price on Amazon
Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight Check price on Amazon
KNOG Quokka Run LED Headlamp Check price on Amazon
Nathan Light Spur Nathan Light Spur Check price on Amazon


1. Knuckle Lights: Best Joggers Light

Best Safety Light For Running With Good Bettery


Knuckle Lights Check price on Amazon


If you are a jogger who likes to go out at night, you must have faced the issue of carrying handheld torches. The lights keep bouncing off as per your movement, thereby completely derailing you off the path and putting you in danger’s mouth. These knuckle lights are the one-stop solution to this issue. With the knuckle lights, the adjustable silicon straps of these running lights for joggers slide right into your arm and stay put for long hours while you jog with ease.


These knuckle lights have garnered a sizable population because of their wide and expansive flood beam, illuminating the path on which you are headed. With near about 3 ounces, they’ll barely ever pose to be a hindrance in your jog. The knuckle lights are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They come in sets of 2 for both your knuckles and feature 150 extremely bright lumens. The knuckle lights are equipped with 2 small AAA batteries each, making them extremely useful and efficient in their job.



  • 150 lumens: The 150 lumens make the knuckle lights extremely bright and handy during a nighttime run. They light up your path and save you from mishaps.
  • 4 LED pattern: The four LED pattern ensures that the light is not focused only on a single spot. These lights for runners at night are subtle and expansive.
  • One size fits all: You will never have to worry about whether the knuckle lights will fit you. They are made in sizes which are designed to fit everyone. Hence, they are the best running lights for runners.
  • Weather-proof: Use the knuckle lights in any and every running condition. Gone are the days when the weather becomes a hindrance during your jog hours.
  • 4 AAA batteries: The knuckle lights are extremely powerful and efficient equipped with 4 AAA batteries. They’ll sustain you for a long time and help you during your nighttime job effectively.



  • Perfect for taking your dog on a walk
  • Suitable for hiking
  • An excellent accompaniment to camping
  • Excellent battery life
  • Waterproof


Are you thinking of taking your dog on a walk during the after-hours? Worry not, for the knuckle jogger’s light will help you navigate through the dark while also helping your dog see its path. Tired and frustrated with handheld torches on your camping and hiking trips? The knuckle lights are a one-stop solution for all your hiking and camping needs!


The safety lights for runners at night have excellent battery life with 20+ hours on High mode, 40+ hours on Low mode, and 50+ hours on Blinking mode. Are you planning to go on a run during unstable weather conditions? Take the knuckle jogger safety light along with you, for they are made to be completely weather-proof.



  • Sweat accumulation
  • Issue with condensation
  • Problematic buttons for High, Low, and Blinking modes
  • Brittle
  • Lack of longevity


Like anything else, the knuckle lights have their fair share of issues that make them worth reconsideration. After prolonged running, your knuckle lights might accumulate sweat or even become condensed, and thus the display might be blurry.


Some customers have complained that the different modes fluctuate and some modes go out of use after some time. There have been complaints about the knuckle jogger lights breaking quickly; therefore, longevity is an issue that might make it worth a second thought before purchasing the knuckle lights.


If you are looking to buy running lights, these knuckle lights are an excellent option. They are worth the buy for a mere $39.99 and a brilliant rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you overlook the issues with longevity and its few downsides, these lights make for an excellent buy for runners.


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2. Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights: Best lights for running at night


Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights Check price on Amazon

Are you tired of using handheld torches for your daily jog or run? Switch to Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights today for a better experience while jogging in the dark. Suitable for camps, hikes, and dog-walks, the Apace Vision LED lights are known for their reliability and efficiency as they have been famous for being the best lights for runners at night.


There isn’t enough sports gear for those nocturnal souls who go for jogs at night, and nothing beats the Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights.


The Apace Vision LED lights are the one-stop solution for your jogging needs if you require a sturdy running light that also serves its purpose during the dark. They are extremely reliable and an excellent buy, in general. Clip these lights onto your running belt or even your water vest for ultimate effect. You can also strap this on your body if it aids your process. Equipped with 3 different modes- steady, slow flash, fast flash- they are weather-proof and make them an excellent purchase option to consider.



  • Three different modes: These running lights are made for all purposes, with three modes- steady, slow flash, and fast flash. They come in handy in diverse running conditions.
  • 4 CR2032 batteries: Equipped with two CR2032 batteries in each running light, they can serve your purpose for long hours without the lights going dim or inefficient. The battery life is one of its huge bonuses.
  • Loops and hook fasteners: The Apace Vision LED lights are well-equipped with two short loops as well as hook fasteners, in case you wish to strap them to dog collars, bikes, or bicycles. Therefore, the running lights are incredibly useful.
  • Weather-proof: If you are a habitual jogger or runner, the weather won’t stop you from going on an extensive jog. These running lights are made to endure all weather conditions.
  • 3 powerful lights: The Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights are equipped with 3 powerful lights in each gear so that the illumination is diverse and subtle while also being extremely expansive.


  • Ultra-bright LED
  • Long battery life
  • Versatile
  • Diverse light modes
  • Stay-put clip


Planning to buy a jogger safety light that will illuminate the path for an extended period, to provide extensive safety during your jog? These ultra-bright LEDs are the best options for this very purpose. Their extended battery life is commendable, with 70 to 96 hours of illumination without any compromise. The batteries are easily replaceable, so your days of fretting over batteries will be long gone. These lights are extremely versatile; you can use them during dog walks as well as hiking and camping trips. The added clip-on helps the purpose by being easy to handle and carry. The different light modes make sure the illumination levels are up to you to decide.



  • Hurts the eyes
  • Problematic buttons for different modes
  • Faulty waterproof technology
  • Issues with batteries
  • Extremely small screw


The Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights are known to hurt the eyes if you look at them. Many have complained that they have had to take some time out solely to adjust their eyesight back to normal after using the lights. Therefore, if you are going for these running lights, be careful not to spend too much time staring at them.


Many customers have reviewed the product containing faulty buttons for the several modes for bright or low light. Some even mentioned that even the slightest drizzle affected the running lights and put them out of use. The battery life has posed a challenge to a select few who faced extremely low-powered battery issues. The screw provided with the lights was extremely small and thus hard to navigate.


If you are planning to get running lights, the Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights are worth the buy, considering the affordable price of just $17.97 and a brilliant rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. However, if the shortcoming of battery life and manual modes prove to be an issue for you, it’s best to look for alternatives.


Check price on Amazon

3. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight: Lights for Runners at Night

Most Effective And Sleek Headlamp Pick


Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights Check price on Amazon

Have you been meaning to get rid of your handheld torches and armbands while enjoying your daily bout of adventure or even a simple jog or a run? The Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight is an excellent buy if you are looking to get something unique and effective in its purpose. The running lights for joggers are extremely fancy while also being immensely comfortable to wear and carry, making them the best lights for running at night. Equipped with 3 AAA batteries, you never have to worry about battery life while using this headlamp. Therefore, these qualify for the best running lights for runners.


The super-bright LEDs illuminate your path while also being extremely easy to carry. You’ll forget about its existence as it sits snuggly fit across your forehead. It rids you of discomfort and makes for an excellent companion for your daily jogs and runs. Are you an adventurous soul? If so, the Foxelli Headlamp is the right choice for you. From hiking to camping, these lights are extremely effective in what they set out to achieve.



  • CREE LED technology: This makes it highly durable as well as efficient in providing excellent illumination while you carry on with your jog in peace. The bright LED is exceptionally reliable and effective in illuminating the way during dark hours.
  • 2 oz: The lightweight makes these running lights extremely comfortable to wear around your forehead. They barely cause any hindrance during your daily bout of exercise. They are easy to carry and super-efficient.
  • SOS mode: The Foxelli Headlamp is equipped with an added SOS mode. This comes in handy during emergencies. Therefore, if you need support or help from others, the headlamp will do a good job of alerting them with its diverse lighting modes.
  • Red light mode: The headlamp is loaded with a red light mode that aims to avoid hurting anyone’s eyes in front of you. These are protective measures taken by the manufacturers to avoid mishaps.
  • Diverse settings: The headlamp is equipped with a maximum of 165LM up to 50m as well as 80LM up to 30m and 40LM up to 15m, thereby making it highly versatile and resourceful.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Extremely durable jogger safety light
  • Weather-resistant
  • Versatile
  • Lifetime warranty


Are you looking to use your running lights for diverse purposes? If so, the Foxelli Headlamp gears are the best lights for running at night for you! Its usage and utility are not restricted to jogs and walks, but it is also helpful for reading at night, camping, dog walks, hiking, and other adventure trips that require some illumination during the dark for safety purposes.


Therefore, the versatility of this light is an excellent upside. The manufacturers have taken extra measures to make these lights extremely weather-resistant and waterproof; therefore, you never have to worry about calling off your jog because of unstable weather conditions. With extremely durable batteries, this headlamp provides an unofficial lifetime warranty.



  • Battery quality
  • Not safe for diving with these lights for runners at night
  • Weak hinge
  • Issues with warranty
  • Brittle


While the company provides a lifetime warranty for the Foxelli Headlamp, registration for a warranty might prove to be a challenge. With complaints piling up about its weak battery life and brittle nature, this light might be worth reconsideration. The hinge attaching the light to the band has often proven to be weak and not durable. If you plan to go for a dive, this light is not a good option since its weather-proof technology is made only for slight splashes of water.


If you wish to trust the company on their word and take up the lights with an unofficial warranty of a lifetime, these are good lights with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and a highly affordable price of only $9.97. However, if you are looking for extremely durable and weather-proof, sturdy joggers lights for your nighttime jog, these Foxelli Headlamp gear might not be effective for you. However, on average, customers have had great experiences with these lights, and most of them have recommended these to friends and family.


Check price on Amazon

4. KNOG Quokka Run LED Headlamp: Best Running Lights


Check price on Amazon


Looking for running lights that are not extremely bright but provide enough light for a successful jog at night? The KNOG Quokka Run LED Headlamp is the way to go! With only 100 lumens, these lights provide ample light for your routine run every evening. These lights boast of many modes which you can manually change as per your need, thereby making them the best running lights. You have the option to choose among high, medium, and low, spotlight flash or floodlight, or even a combination of steady or blinking powerful red lights.


Do away with the daily struggle of light bouncing around as you jog or run. These lights fit incredibly snuggly around your head, making them impressive options to consider while buying running lights. You can be free of the challenge of replacing the batteries now and then with these KNOG Quokka Run LED lights, as they feature a built-in USB rechargeable battery for prolonged use and longevity. They are extremely comfortable to wear and weather-proof for use during rough weather conditions outside.



  • Water-resistant: The product has been tested for IP65 to provide impressive resistance to harsh weather conditions. These joggers light have been hailed to be highly practical during rains and drizzles.
  • USB recharge: Running lamps usually run on replaceable batteries, which soon run out and break. However, with these new lights, you can just plug into the built-in USB and recharge them before using them. Therefore, these are the best lights for running at night.
  • Lockable light mode: This mode prevents the LED light from turning itself on while in your backpack, amongst other things. The lock mode makes sure that the lights for runners at night stay switched off, even if they come in contact with miscellaneous stuff around them.
  • Diverse light modes: Equipped to the brim with lighting modes such as Spot, Wide as well as Combo, and Halo and brightness modes of High, Medium, Low along with Halo and Halo Flash, the options for controlling the illumination is impressive.
  • The fit of 30 to 660mm: The manufacturers have made sure that the headlamp fits around your forehead exceptionally well and does not prove to be a hindrance during your daily jog or run as well as other fun nighttime activities.


  • Comfortable as well as adjustable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Dust and water-resistant


Are you tired of having to take off your running lights during drizzles and showers? Do you want a running light that is adjustable as per your head and fits snuggly? Is battery life essential for you? If your answer to all the questions above is yes, then this is a great purchase for you. This product is extremely versatile in its use. You can carry it around in your backpack, but its lock mode will ensure that it does not get switched on by accident.


You can use these lights on your dog-walks, daily runs, and jogs as well as adventure sports such as camping and hiking. This dust and water-resistant running light is indispensable during hard weather conditions, and the lightweight design makes it even more useful in serving its purpose perfectly.



  • Issues with longevity
  • Problems with battery life
  • Complaints regarding faulty charging port
  • Might induce seizures
  • Hurts the eye


The joggers light have been deemed dangerous for those who suffer from occipital lobe seizures. This jogger safety light might hurt any normal person’s eyes since its extremely bright illumination is often too strong for our eyes.


Longevity has been an issue for this product’s users, as many complained of the lights going out of use just as the return policy expires. The built-in USB charging port has often been deemed extremely unstable and dysfunctional. The battery life of these lights for runners at night has not been great for many customers. They complained of the lights only working in the blinking mode and or the lights running out completely after using them a few times, despite regular proper charging.


If you are looking for running lights, these are a good option to consider, with an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and a highly affordable price of $29.99. However, if you are looking for good battery life and warranty, these might not be the running lights for you. Ensure you know your needs before making up your mind about the best lights for running at night.


Check price on Amazon

5. Nathan Light Spur: Best Running Lights for Joggers


Nathan Light Spur Check price on Amazon


Are you looking for a running light that you can almost forget about while jogging? Look no more, for the Nathan Light Spur’s night runner shoe lights does just that! Clip it on to the heels of your shoes and forget about it as you go on with your daily jog. These incredibly unique and innovative safety lights for runners at night are worth the purchase.


The Nathan Light Spur’s lightweight does not let you feel discomfort at any step of the way, thereby making these the best running lights for runners.


The Nathan Light Spur’s night runner shoe lights boast multiple light settings for diverse requirements. It is made to be highly weather-resistant so that it does not pose a challenge to carry your running lights during a drizzle. It is equipped with watch batteries which are easily replaceable and highly effective. Follow the instructions on how to use it, and you are good to go!



  • Multiple settings: The Nathan Light Spur’s night runner shoe lights have multiple settings that you can manually change for high visibility. Therefore, you get a diverse range of options to choose from with these joggers light.
  • Safety features: The jogger safety light has a safe design to ensure that it does not prove harmful in any manner. The company puts safety above everything and it shows in their lights for runners at night.
  • Watch battery: The Nathan Light Spur has extremely easily replaceable batteries that can effectively offer over 100 hours of illumination without malfunctioning. The battery life is a huge plus with this product.
  • Waterproof: For night runner shoe lights that can attach to the heels of your shoes, the waterproof option needs to work well. With the Nathan Light Spur, splashes of water on the way will never pose to be an issue.
  • Easy to navigate buttons: To use the product effectively, press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds so that it is turned on; then press again if you wish to switch between steady mode and strobe mode. Make sure you press and hold the power button yet again for 2 to 3 seconds if you want to turn it off.


  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and secure
  • Weather-proof
  • Easily replaceable battery


Do you wish to do away with your armband running lights or running light headlamps and find the best lights for running at night? This is the perfect opportunity to switch to Nathan Light Spurs. With its comfortable, snug-fit strap that attaches to your heel perfectly, the lightweight makes the joggers light extremely easy to carry along on your daily late-night jogs.


Its weather-proof technology ensures that stepping on puddles or drizzles along the way would not prove to be grave for lights for runners at night. The Nathan Light Spur’s night runner shoe lights come with easily replaceable batteries, which provide high illumination with guaranteed safety precautions.



  • Poor quality battery
  • Hassle to change batteries
  • Poor design
  • Uncomfortable size
  • Bulky


If you are looking for stable night runner shoe lights that won’t betray you along the way, the Nathan Light Spurs are not for you. Customers have often complained about their bulkiness which makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear. The size is such that it barely only fits larger feet sizes. Most complaints that this product has received have been regarding its poor battery life and its fragile batteries. The product has eight tiny screws you need to deal with to get to the battery. Therefore, changing batteries might prove to be a hassle.


If you are looking for reliable running lights, the Nathan Light Spurs might not be a good option for you. However, if you wish to get a running light that is highly cheap yet temporarily effective, this might be a good option to go for. Priced at $9.31 with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, the Nathan Light Spur is a good choice for jogging if you have a larger foot size.


Check price on Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How many lumens do I need for night running?

Ans. As a trail runner, the number of lumens you need depends on the speed and terrain you plan to go. When looking for a headlamp for an around trail running, we recommend one with at least 200 to 300 lumens.


When you invest in a headlamp for road running, you do not need many lumens because the surface is mostly flat and not as technical. Hence, about 40-50 lumens are just about right for night-time running on the streets. However, if you are running in the woods, we recommend about 100 lumens as you can dim them to a lower setting. Picking a lamp at a lower setting will ensure that the battery lasts longer.


Ques 2. How do you keep your feet light when running?

Ans. To get into running lighter, you must add super short and barefoot runs to your training regimen. Even five minutes twice a week will suffice. You can ditch the comfort of your favorite running shoes and focus on the form. Doing so, your foot will naturally take to more of a mid-foot strike than the heel strike, which runners tend to fall into. This will also help you preserve your joints and run way more efficiently. Also, when you are a light runner, you do not end up scaring unsuspecting walkers, children, or fellow runners with your stomping. Voila, everyone wins!


Ques 3. How do I run quieter?

Ans. Loud running is inefficient for more than one reasons:

  1. It can cause additional strain on the bones and the joints.
  2. It leads to wasted energy.
  3. It depicts a lack of muscle control.
  4. It usually means a runner is heel striking or over-striding.


Luckily for you, there is a way to develop a quieter foot, and it is also pretty simple. However, in all honesty, it may take some time for you to master. The best way to better the efficiency of your foot strike is to listen to your feet cautiously. Additionally, you can add three quiet feet drills to your regime. These include:



When you march, you mimic the running movement. So, before you go for your next run, you should march for a block and hear your feet. Next, you need to turn around and march back. This time, you must march as quietly as possible. Now, to quiet your feet, you must slow down and consciously place the feet onto the ground.



Skipping is also a great technique to exaggerate your running movement. Once you are done marching, you can next skip for a block and listen to your feet. Next, turn around, and skip back with the quiet feet. Now, the question is, how can you control the foot strike? Slow down, and engage your glutes and hamstrings as you strike the ground.



Listen to your feet, and try to run as quietly as possible. Additionally, you need to take shorter and light steps. You will notice that as you get tired, your feet sound louder. With time, as you build strength, it will be easier for you to quiet your foot strike.


Ques 4. Should I run at night?

Ans. Some runners prefer night runs over running early in the morning or during the day. It could be because of reasons, such as eating habits, tight schedule in the morning, or preference for the air’s energy as the end of the day draws closer. There are both pros and cons of running at night. You must measure the pros and cons and then make a decision. Regardless, please understand that the visibility during the night is less. So, it is always recommended that you wear something reflective during night-time running. It is vital to ensure that the vehicles around you can easily distinguish you from the environment.


Ques 5. Is it dangerous to go jogging at night?

Ans. Compared to the morning hours, there is a bit of a danger element in your night-time running as the traffic is high and the visibility is low during the night. However, if you adopt a few basic tips, you can outdo these dangers and stay safe during your night run.


Here is a list of tips that you need to bear in mind:

  1. Do not run alone at night, especially if you are a female.
  2. Avoid running on remote or dark paths.
  3. Change your running route frequently.
  4. When you go for a run, inform your friends or family. Let them be aware of your route via GPS.
  5. Wear reflective clothing so the drivers can clearly see you on the road.
  6. Never listen to music with your earphones plugged in when you run on the road.



What are you looking for in the lights for runners at night? Do you want a sturdy light that lasts for ages? Do you want USB-powered lights or replaceable battery-charged ones? Is it an armband running light you are looking for or a headlamp? It all depends upon which running lamp fascinates you. If you know which specifications are important for you, choosing becomes extremely easy.


This article has made a list of the top 5 running lights available in the market right now. Some of them are rather commonplace, while others are unique and sleek. We have listed out the features, pros, and cons to give you a fair idea of all joggers light to make it effortless for you to pick one. While all of them have several impressive features that also act like pros, the cons are worth thinking through, too.


Having surveyed and tested all the afore-mentioned best running lights for runners, we have found the Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight to be the most effective and sleek, making them the best lights for running at night. It serves its purpose while also looking extremely stylish. Whether you go for the Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight or the Nathan Light Spur, or the numerous others in the market right now, it is a decision that is fully up to your making.


Know what you are looking for in your lights for runners at night and go about it accordingly. In no time, you’ll be the proud owner of some stunning and efficient running lights that provide you ease and motivation to go jogging every night.