Best Running Skirts

Best Running Skirts
You might be among the many who think skirts are something that only tennis players wear. To your surprise, I reveal that the majority of women runners are also embracing the trend of wearing skirts, shorts, or skorts. The basic reason for this is the idea of looking tough and pretty, both at the same time. Skirts aren’t imposed on them, as the uniform of runners, it’s all left upon their choices of dressing, whether they want to wear a skirt or not. Skorts are for the women who love the comfort they get in shorts in the look of a skirt.


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Top 10 Running Skirts (Skorts)


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Outdoor Voices Court Skort Outdoor Voices Court Skort Check Best Price
Athleta Momentum Skort Athleta Momentum Skort Check Best Price
Nike Court Dry-Fit Tennis Skirt Nike Court Dry-Fit Tennis Skirt Check Best Price
Asics Interval Running Skor Asics Interval Running Skor Check Best Price
Title Nine Hollaback Skort Title Nine Hollaback Skort Check Best Price
Adidas By Stella Mccartney Court Floral Skirt Adidas By Stella Mccartney Court Floral Skirt Check Best Price
Sports Jette Skirt Sports Jette Skirt Check Best Price
Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt Check Best Price
Camelsports Casual Active Sport Skort Camelsports Casual Active Sport Skort Check Best Price
Skirt Sports Long Haul Compression Skirt Skirt Sports Long Haul Compression Skirt Check Best Price

1. Outdoor Voices Court Skort


Outdoor Voices Court Skort Check Best Price


The skirt is cute, comfortable, and versatile. It is a 4.5″ skort, which can be an everyday go-to for you as a runner. The skort is designed in mid-weight with a durable Textured Compression fabric. It comes with built-in shorts and pockets. Made with a four-way stretch and sweat-wicking material, it comes in different colors depending upon the choice of the runner, be it pink or black. It is much convenient compared to the other running skirts.



The pockets make it possible to carry gels or small 150ml water flasks in the side pockets and other essentials in zipped front and back pockets. The back zipped pocket is large enough to carry a small smartphone.


The design is also really pretty. However, it looks like a straightforward black skort; there are two frilled panels at the lower front hems. These offer an attractive design and also greater freedom of movement. There is a good size range available from 6 to 16. The skirt is easy to wear. It is comfortable and lightweight. But if you prefer long inner shorts to make you feel more like pants or a longer skirt, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The skirt could have been a bit longer at the back to give better bottom coverage!



  • Attractive design
  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • With good pockets.



  • The shorts end up like pants; a skirt is shorter than many
  • It can, at times, make you feel suffocated for neither wearing a proper skirt nor a pant, just being stuck somewhere in between.


For the price, this is a great value and is a well-designed skort. Beware that the shorts do ride up a bit when running, although this won’t bother all women.

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2. Athleta Momentum Skort


Athleta Momentum Skort Check Best Price


For those that are unacquainted with this magical garment, the Athleta Momentum Skort is a skirt with a pair of attached shorts underneath or shorts with a cloth panel within the front that creates the shorts to appear as if a skirt.



You get the design of a skirt with the coverage of shorts. And an end to embarrassing peekaboo wardrobe malfunctions!


Skorts are my go-to search for warmer weather: flirty, fun, and less figure-revealing than shorts. That’s unsurprising; you can have trouble finding them in stores. That’s because you’re probably trying to find them on the skirts racks. Skorts can be found within the outdoors, activewear, athletics/sports — especially golf — sections. And even there, you’re more likely to seek out short ones. Tennis and running skirts are more popular, but they barely cover your bum, and that’s not what you would like. You will get a better collection of skorts almost exclusively online. Pay special attention to the skirt length since you would want something that doesn’t cause a hindrance while running. Measure your body from waist to the length you would like to cover and make certain you do not finish up with a garment that shows more of your leg than you would like to display!



  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable
  • With pockets



  • Difficult to find
  • Doesn’t provide the exposure of short pants.

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3. Nike Court Dry-Fit Tennis Skirt

Best Pick With Built In Matching Shorts


Nike Court Dry-Fit Tennis Skirt Check Best Price

The Nike Court Dry-Fit Tennis Skirt is another perfect wear for a marathon, practice, or play. This Nike Court tennis skort is in stylish ribbed fabric with performance technology for lasting comfort. It is an imported skirt, basically inspired especially for Tennis Players or Runners. It comes with a flat elastic waistband, built-in inner shorts, and pull-on.



It is a machine-wash product with comfortable Nike dry fabric. Designed for maximum comfort, this sweat-wicking skirt is rightly made for staying cool during morning jogs or sprints on the court or ground. Available in two neutral hues—solid black or white—it has chic, contrasting piping down the side and inner tights to strengthen your range of motion even further.


It is smooth, and you can wash it easily without worrying about ironing pleats back thereto. It’s stretchy and breathable. One would also like the matching shorts that are sewn in to the skirt.



  • Machine washable
  • Attractive design
  • Official color
  • Built-in shorts with matching color



  • Only two colors available
  • Sometimes out of budget

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4. Asics Interval Running Skort

Best With Non Heating Mesh Panel


Asics Interval Running Skort Check Best Price


This mesh combo comes with spandex and a flexible sweat-free skirt that would move with you when you run. It is designed to sit higher on your waistline. This skirt also has mesh panels to save you from over-heating and shorts that don’t ride up. Someone who wears running skirts frequently enjoys how natural the skirt feels when running. This is the reason this skirt has many positive reviews and comes on the list of best skirts for runners.



The product almost comes at the right price for the comfort it provides. Every 9/10 customers who bought this gave a positive review. This slim-fitting skirt is perfectly fine for runners who want an efficient as well as a sleek look. It is made of breathable fabric and keeps you covered and the sweat stains at bay. Being an enthusiast, you must have tried a bunch of running skirts over the years, but this one would be by far the best in style, function, and comfort. There could have been innerwear over booty shorts underneath the skirt to make it more preferable.



  • Slim fitting
  • Breathable fabric
  • No sweat stains
  • Good style, function, and comfort



  • No innerwear inside
  • Cost may not be affordable by some.

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5. Title Nine Hollaback Skirt


Title Nine Hollaback Skirt Check Best Price

The Title Nine Hollaback skirt is among the best options for skirts for runners, trail adventures, as well as daily life. It has a ruffle that is truly functional — it allows the skirt to be longer in the back while still keeping the skirt fitted across the booty while running trails. The Hollaback skirt measures two inches longer in the back, a feature you didn’t know but wanted again once you had it.



There are two pockets in the Hollaback skirt. One is the zipper pocket at the back of the waistband and one pouch on the thighs of the inner short. The inner short has a 4″ length and is made of a lighter mesh material, while the outer skirt is created with thicker spandex material. This skirt is not designed to be ultra-lightweight, which is noticeable, but it makes up for that by providing overall comfort. The overall design is meant to be flattering, and that is exactly what it does.



  • It is best as a fun, functional skirt to wear on the trails or while running errands on the way to-fro the trails.
  • A1 in style



  • Fit and Feel: You may want to size down, especially if you plan to use the pocket on the inner shorts regularly. You would probably have a better fit by sizing down. The inner shorts do slouch a bit when using the thigh pocket.
  • Consumers would love to see a thigh pocket on both sides as well as an inner short that fits a bit more to keep everything in place when the pockets are in use.
  • Highly expensive.

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6. Adidas By Stella Mccartney Court Floral Skirt


Adidas By Stella Mccartney Court Floral Skirt Check Best Price

The Adidas Court Floral Skirt is another on the list of best skirts for runners. It is built for comfort with soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking fabric. This slim-fitting skirt is perfect for runners. The wide waistband stays put, and the laser-cut perforations increase airflow to help you from overheating. An enthusiast runner or player would love this knitted elegance by Stella. You’ll love it every time you step on the court in it.



The net-like material and cutting don’t let you feel much hot, by allowing proper airflow. The fabric seems to be synthetic, but actually, it is a sweat-wicking material. The skirt is full of style and glamour. You can choose to pamper femininity along with boldness while being on the ground.



  • Attractive cutting
  • Sweat-wicking material
  • Stretchy and Comfortable



  • Expensive
  • Bold runners might not like it

Check Best Price

7. Sports Jette Skirt


Sports Jette Skirt Check Best Price


The fabric here is thicker and of great quality that seems to tell that it will last a long time. You can have the whole training as well as run a full marathon in this sport skirt. You can choose to wear a medium (and sometimes small) inside workout pants since the med in this product can be a bit loose (on the waist). However, the med is a comfortable loose fit, and the drawstring works great. As a precaution, you can use glide around the waistband and gel lining on the shorts while going on a long run because you won’t want to risk chafing. The skirt looks cute, and the sizing is spot on, but some runners may find that the skirt fabric gets stuck between the thighs and bunches in the crotch.



The Sports Jette Skirt standing at the top among the best skirts for runners, comes with a thicker and durable fabric of great quality. The material is long-lasting, strong, and cute. The med is loose but comfortable for some, while for the others, it can be annoying. The other annoying part can be the fabric getting stuck in the thighs. Overall, the skirt is affordable and is a perfect value for money.



  • Affordable
  • Thicker snd durable fabric
  • Looks cute



  • The fabric gets stuck in the thighs
  • The med is a bit loose

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8. Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt

Best Premium Buy


Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt Check Best Price


This is another cute and trail-to-town running skirt, which has a four-way stretch with a sweat-wicking inner liner, so you won’t get insane sweat during humid outdoor workouts. Also, it has built-in shorts and hidden pockets to carry necessary items so that you can go right for brunch after your morning jog.



You would love the Pace Rival skirt as a runner and use it for running and also otherwise, because of its functionality. The pockets on the shorts are also lovable. This will allow you to stash the phone or keys and ditch the waist belt.



  • Perfect in terms of functionality
  • Nice pockets
  • Stretchy and sweat-wicking material
  • Looks cute



  • Costly

Check Best Price

9. Camel Sports Casual Active Sport Skort


Camel Sports Casual Active Sport Skort Check Best Price


If you are on the golf course, tennis court, on a hike, or a marathon, this skirt provides tons of ventilation so that you can keep cool even while being active. The skort comes in three shades of white, black, and navy, so you can properly pair it with anything currently in your wardrobe. This running skirt is cute as well as comfortable. In case you have never ordered a tennis skirt before, you can go with this as your first choice, the price is fair compared to the comfort the product provides. You can readily try it.



This skirt is next among the best skirts for runners and is made of suitable fabric which makes you comfortable, and even in summer, this flimsy and breathable sports skirt will make you feel relaxed. The fabric is smooth and soft, so you do not have to worry about wrinkles. These high-waisted tennis skirts boast high elasticity due to the elastic waistband and stretchy fabric. It makes your tummy control comfortable, not restrictive when you put this skirt on. The high stretch shorts also help you to be free during long sports movements.


This lightweight golf skirt has two layers and four pockets, one on the right butt side, two on the inner layer. Besides, this above knee athletic skirts for ladies highlight the sweetness of body lines and cause you to look healthy and hot. This comfortable running skirt is perfect for lots of other sports, such as gym workout, jogging, beach activities etc.



  • Stretchy and smooth fabric
  • Two Layers & Pockets Design
  • Multifunctional



  • The is more preferred for activities other than running
  • Not much popular among runners

Check Best Price

10. Skirt Sports Long Haul Compression Skirt

Best Budget Buy


Skirt Sports Long Haul Compression Skirt Check Best Price

It is safe to claim that Skirt Sports has one of the most diverse collections of running skirts, which made choosing one for this review a challenge. Skirt Sports offers skirts various built-in options for briefs, shorties, as well as a wide range of lengths, materials, designs, and prints. For this review, I opted for the one I think has the most added perks, i.e., the Skirt Sports Long Haul Compression Skirt.



The Long Haul skirt provides you with seven pockets of two designs, especially for hydration. The two hydration pockets are located on the back of the waistband and also have elastic drawstrings to secure water bottles. Around the larger hydration pockets, there are another three smaller pockets to stash nutrition. The final two pockets can be found on the outside of each thigh to provide plenty of area for your phone or even gloves. The shorts measure a 6″ inseam, which makes it a mid-length skirt and a great option for anyone who wants a bit more protection.


The wide waistband and firm, elastic drawstring makes up for a comfortable fit around the hips and also keeps the skirt in place when the pockets are full. It is easy to pack along with the necessities for a backyard run or a quick outing.



  • Good storage
  • Perfect elasticity in the drawstrings and the waistband
  • Versatility in collection and design
  • Comfortable material
  • Affordable price



  • I don’t think there is any demerit to this product.

Check Best Price


What To Look For In A Running Skirt?


The fitting of your running clothes is much different and important than that of your regular wearings. You don’t want your inner pants to ride up in the entire run, and also, you won’t like them to pinch in your sides. Don’t buy too baggy skorts; they can jiggle and become much annoying. Don’t just assume your size and buy them; make sure to try and get comfortable before you proceed to purchase.



Look for a tag that says “keeps the sweat off” or “moisture-wicking material.” Stay away from cotton. While looking for a warmer skirt, choose a material with many layers of light fabric instead of woolen material.



Once you like the style of your wear and feel good about it, you will be more likely to love running. Don’t force yourself into wearing something which you don’t like. Find your style and adapt it after having proper checks on the combo & offers and carry your style throughout your miles while running.



Check your wardrobe, and match the colors with your favorite upper wears. Select your favorite colors and choose from the list. Including many of the functions, the running skirts can also provide you with pockets, built-in shorts, underwear, built-in UPF, or cell phone holders. Some skirts also come with running shorts inside them, which can be a life-changer for you. Do consider all the options of functions and compatibility and take a good decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: What are the benefits of running skirts and skorts?

Ans: Even though wearing a skirt or skort is a personal preference, there are certain perks attached to them. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, here are some of the pros of wearing running skirts/skorts:

  • They give you a feminine edge over standard shorts.
  • Running skirts and skorts are more fun and stylish as they come in a variety of colors, lengths, patterns, etc. They are pretty versatile so that you can wear them for a hike or a run, or you can even go shopping in them or catch up with friends over a coffee.
  • Running skirts and skorts give you the confidence and comfort to move freely during running, hiking, or in the gym. The built-in briefs under the skirting prevent riding up. Therefore, these allow more range of motion. At the same time, classic shorts have a tendency to bunch while running.
  • They are lightweight and also keep you cool as they allow the air to circulate while at the same time they wick away all the sweat from your skin.
  • They also offer storage options with roomy pockets, so you can safely tuck away your keys, cash, and mobile phones in them.

Ques2:  Cotton skirts vs. polyester, which is better?

Ans: Cotton skirts are any day better at absorbing moisture from the body and are also more breathable and comfortable to wear than polyester. However, polyester, which is equally good at wicking away moisture, is more durable than cotton. The polyester fabric dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Polyester is also resistant to stains and fades. The only minor drawback with polyester is that it tends to stick to wet skin, which can be a little uncomfortable for few people. Yet, polyester is the most widely used fabric for athletic skirts. Cotton, on the other hand, is regarded better for regular skirts.


Ques3: Which fabric is best for absorbing moisture?

Ans: Today, athletic wear comes in a wide range of fabrics, but nylon and polyester are the most common ones found in running skirts and skorts. Nylon is an excellent sweat-wicking fabric that is quite elastic and also breathable. Polyester is another plastic-based fabric that is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and non-absorbent. Polyester, instead of soaking up the moisture from your skin, allows the sweat to evaporate quickly. Therefore, you can find polyester on most sportswear labels.


Ques:4 Are running skirts warm?

Ans: Not all running skirts are designed to keep you warm in the cold weather. However, you do have options of insulated puffy skirts that are lined with a wool layer and are made of waterproof and wind-resistant fabric. These skirts help to regulate your body temperature while also protecting you from the weather. Plus, their stretchy fabric allows comfortable movement in all directions. These skirts can also be worn over your tights for an extra layer of protection against the freezing weather. Another plus point of insulated skirts is that you can comfortably sit on icy park benches or snow-covered logs without worrying about your skirt getting wet with water.



The skirt (if it is short like some of the running skirts) provides a level of freedom of movement that no pants can ultimately provide. A short skirt provides unlimited freedom of movement, while if you wear pants while running, you get more weight and drag on the legs. Running in pants, is just similar to swimming with all your clothes on! The skirt is always much cooler and better suited for running. Running skirts are now very popular, and even men are now finding them interesting.


The best one from the above list, in my view, is the SKIRT SPORTS LONG HAUL COMPRESSION SKIRT and the other can be the SPORTS JETTE SKIRT. Both of them are available at pretty affordable prices and provide a lot of value for the money. The fabric material is comfortable and stretchable, with all the balance for both winters and summers. Not many instances of riding up of the built-ins.


The products featured above are among the best skirts/skorts for runners. You can easily choose your fit from these options.