8 Best Running Hats for Men & Women (Waterproof & Protective)

Best Running Hats


Have you seen runners and joggers wearing running hats while on the run, be it on the treadmill or in the park? Well, there are more than a few reasons for it.


Firstly, when they are running in the outdoors on a hot summer day, wearing a breathable running hat can help keep the head protected from the direct sun. Also, if the weather is stormy outside, but you do not wish to miss your morning run, a waterproof running hat can guard you against the rain. This is not all. A breathable running hat ensures that the moisture or the sweat on the head from the run is absorbed quickly and does not enter the eyes.


People not only wear good running hats when they run outdoors. They even wear it while working out in the gym or running indoors, to keep their heads cooler.


If you too are someone who enjoys indoor running on a treadmill, you can check out our review for the best treadmill under 1000 dollars to help you find the best treadmill for you in budget.


Circling back to our original question – How to find the best trail running hats? Which running hat should you buy?  Let us get started and address both these questions one by one.




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How Do These 8 Best Running Hats Compare To One Another?

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GADIEMKENSD Folding Outdoor Hat GADIEMKENSD Folding Outdoor Hat Check price on Amazon
Headsweats Performance Race Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat Check price on Amazon
Under Armour Adult Run Shadow Cap Under Armour Adult Run Shadow Cap Check price on Amazon
Outdoor Research Swift Cap Outdoor Research Swift Cap Check price on Amazon
TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat Check price on Amazon
Adidas Men's Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap Adidas Men’s Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap-2020 Check price on Amazon
Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap Check price on Amazon
Under Armour Men's Launch ArmourVent Cap Under Armour Men’s Launch ArmourVent Cap Check price on Amazon


Top 8 Running Hats In The Market

 1. GADIEMKENSD Folding Outdoor Hat Unstructured Reflective Design UPF 50+ Sun Protection Sport Hats for Unisex


GADIEMKENSD Folding Outdoor Hat Check price on Amazon


Want the best running cap for summer? Well, this GADIEMKENSD Folding Outdoor Hat should be your go-to pick. It is the best fit for 22″-23 1/8″ and is available in 7 different colors.


Key features

Easy to clean: It is an easy-to-maintain best running cap for summer, which you can conveniently hand-wash at home.


UV protection: It is composed of unique materials that ensure that the ultra-violet rays are prevented from reaching you. In addition, the cap offers UPF50+ UV protection that can guard your skin against UV burns, even in an environment that has intense UV rays outdoor on a hot summery day.


Reflective design: This best running cap for summer has a reflective design, which heightens the visibility. So, you can go running early in the morning or late in the night and still find yourself safe.


Breathable: The hat has two-side airy mesh. These make ventilation possible, thereby accentuating the breathability of the hat. The mesh also accelerates the heat and moisture flow and ensures that even when you sweat, your head dries quickly. So, this makes it an all-purpose hat.


Foldable brim: The brim of this best running cap for summer is equipped with a three-panel bill design. So, you can fold and accommodate it in your backpack or pocket easily. Hence, this hat can be your perfect travel partner.



  • 100% Nylon fabric and Mesh: 100% polyester
  • Lightweight
  • UV resistant coating
  • Adjustable velcro
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-glare undervisor
  • Breathable fabric
  • Foldable
  • Available in seven different colors
  • Comfortable



  • Its quick-drying fabric does not dry fast
  • Only hand wash


Check price on Amazon

2. Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat

Best Unisex Running Hat


Headsweats Performance Race Check price on Amazon


Headsweats Performance Hat is indeed one of the best running hats for women and men. It is known for its modern and innovative design, which makes it an ideal pick for all kinds of outdoor sports and activities. It is available in 25 different shades.


Key features

Wash and care: A likable thing about this one of the best running hats for women and men is that you can conveniently wash it in the machine with your other laundry load. It is composed of eventure fabric shell and eventure fabric headband. So, you can leave it for air drying. More so, washing it would not cause it to shrink. Also, be assured, washing the hat in the machine would not cause it to lose its structure.


Perfect for summers: This is a lightweight hat, which is certainly one of the best running hats for hot weather. The weight is so minimal that you will forget that you are even wearing a hat. In addition, its fast moisture-wicking capability ensures that the sweat from your scalp is absorbed quickly, so it does not enter your eyes and block your vision.


Comfortable: This hat is extremely comfortable, all thanks to the buckle closure of the hat, which allows you to adjust the size according to your head.


Reflective brim: Thanks to this hat’s reflective brim, you can wear it at night or early in the morning and still be safe on the road, as the reflective surface will better visibility.



  • Multiple color options available
  • Affordable
  • Custom-fit
  • Does not lose shape
  • Machine wash possible
  • Engineered for professional and recreational runners
  • Proprietary Eventure Fabric Technology
  • Flat front panel allows you custom logo printing
  • Superfast moisture wicking
  • Weighs less than 2 oz
  • Breathable



  • Large logo on the side
  • It might not be perfect for larger heads as the adjustment strap is relatively short
  • It may not be suitable for bald or clean-shaven heads as the fabric is very thin.


Check price on Amazon

3. Under Armour Adult Run Shadow Cap


Under Armour Adult Run Shadow Cap Check price on Amazon


This cap is available in 9 different colors. A distinguished thing about most of the best running hats for women and men from Armour is that the brand always gets the fabric right. As a result, you will never have any complaints, especially with regard to the fabric.


Key features

Comfortable: This breathable running hat has an incredibly soft headband, which stretches adequately for comfort, and does not irritate or cause redness, even if you wear anything for long hours.


Perfect for summers: This is one of the best running hats for hot weather because of the presence of the unique-looking vent on the rear of the head. It helps keep the heat at bay. In addition, the UPF 30 protection of this Under Armour Adult Run Shadow Cap guards your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.



  • Has vents to keep you clean
  • Curved bill for a personalized fit
  • Soft sweatband
  • Hook and Loop closure



  • It should have been relatively more reflective
  • Size is a concern for many


Check price on Amazon

4. Outdoor Research Swift Cap

Best For Men


Outdoor Research Swift Cap Check price on Amazon


Outdoor Research Swift Cap is everything that runners require and expect in a reliable hat. Available in 19 different colors, this is a versatile pick.


Key features

UPF 30 protection: This is one of the best trail running hats that provides UPF 30 sun protection. So, you can wear it in the hot sun and still be guarded against the harmful UV rays. It also has a curved bill, which offers protection all around the day.


Breathable: As one of the best hats, it is incredibly breathable with ample ventilation. Its full mesh liner offers adequate ventilation, which helps keep you cool. Its nylon fabric only adds to its breathability and wicks the moisture, keeping you cool and dry.


Winter suitable: The fabric is thicker. Hence, the hat is warmer than the others. Thus, it is the best winter running hat.


Foldable: A likable feature of this one of the best trail running hats is that you can easily fold it and stash it in your pocket, and it will not lose its shape.


Adjustable back strap: These best running hats for women have a buckle strap. So, you can adjust the strap and get a custom fit as desired.


Wash and clean: This cap can be machine washed. So, you can put it in your laundry lot and quickly clean it. For drying, simply hang it in the air.




  • Breathable with ventilation
  • Cooling mesh vent
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for running, golfing, or simply hanging out
  • UPF 30 sun protection
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking fabric



  • It may not work for large heads
  • Limited color options
  • No reflective panels


Check price on Amazon

5. TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat | The Lightweight, Quick Dry, Sport Cap for Women

Best For Women


TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat Check price on Amazon


The next on our list for the best running hats are the TrailHeads Race Day Performance Hat. It is indeed one of the best running hats for women. The hat is made out of 100 percent Polyester Mesh. So, for anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable, and pocket-friendly hat, this can be one of the best trail running hats. You have eight different colors to choose from. It can be used for both short sprints and long distances.


Key features

Lightweight and breathable: These are one of the best running hats, which nestles higher on the head than most designs. Hence, it is perfect for women who have a ponytail. Its breathable mesh and light fabric make it ideal for extended wear. More so, its moisture-wicking ability helps absorb the sweat and moisture easily, thereby leaving you to feel cool and dry. Its dark underbill lowers the shade and glare falling on your face.


Reflective: These best running hats have a reflective outer surface. So, you will feel a lot safer on the road wearing this hat. It also has a black undervisor, which helps in lowering the glare.


Adjustable Velcro: These best running hats have an adjustable velcro closure, which helps you get a customized fit according to your head size.


Easy to wash and maintain: These best running hats can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. Alternatively, you can even wash them with your hands. However, you must use cold water in any case and then leave them for air drying.



  • Reflective
  • Multiple color options
  • Lightweight – weighs only two ounces
  • Good wicking fabric
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Highly breathable
  • Designed for ponytails
  • Wash and care easy
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Quick-drying cap



  • Not suitable for larger heads
  • Structure is improper
  • It sits slightly higher than others
  • Inadequate sun protection


Check price on Amazon

6. Adidas Men’s Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap-2020


Adidas Men's Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap Check price on Amazon


Speaking of one of the best running hats for men, how can we ever conclude without the inclusion of the Adidas Men’s Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap. It is indeed a top-selling hat on the internet.


Key features

Guards you against sun’s harmful rays: These best running hats for men have UPF 50, which blocks all the harmful sun’s rays, thereby making these hats a suitable pick for the hot summer days.


One-size fits all: These are one of the best running hats for men that can work well for all head sizes.


Absorbs moisture: These are the best running hats for men composed of a wide brim. The moisture-wicking material used in these hats keep the sun off your face, leaving you feeling cool and dry.


Works well under pressure: Polyester, the lightweight material of these best running hats for men, works exceptionally well under pressure. Unfortunately, it does not have any ventilation holes. However, this does mean that it can the best winter running hat that gives you extra warmth.



  • UPF 50 blocks harmful UV-rays
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Non-glare color and fabric under visor
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Hook and Loop closure




  • One size fits all
  • Hand wash only
  • Not a 100% waterproof running hat


Check price on Amazon

7. Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap

Best For Long Runs


Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap Check price on Amazon


Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap is another one of the best waterproof running hats available in 8 colors. It comes with a simple hoop and loop closure. This can be your perfect go-to cap for running. Swoosh design trademark is embroidered on the bill and center back of this best hat for running in cold weather.


Key features

Breathable: Thanks to its perforated mid and back panels and moisture management technology, achieved with Dri-FIT, this waterproof running hat is incredibly breathable.


Contrast underbill: This waterproof running hat has a contrast underbill, which ensures that the shade falling from the sun is minimum.


Six-panel design: It is the best running cap with a six-panel unstructured low-profile design. In addition, the cap has a hoop and loop closure, which makes it easy to achieve a tailored fit.


Composition: This best running cap from Nike is made with a quick-dry, stretchy, polyester, and spandex blend with perforation that enables increased airflow.



  • Made of 100% Dri-FIT polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Six-panel design



  • Relatively more expensive


Check price on Amazon

8. Under Armour Men’s Launch ArmourVent Cap

Best For Big Heads


Under Armour Men's Launch ArmourVent Cap Check price on Amazon


Under Armour Men’s Launch, ArmourVent Cap is the best running cap made of 100% polyester material. In addition, it is one of the best running hats for large heads.


Key features

Hook and loop closure: Even though it is one of the best running hats for large heads, even people with smaller heads can get a customized fit with this best running cap. This is all thanks to the hoop and loop velcro closure, which helps you get the perfect fit.


Easy to wash and care: You can machine wash this best running cap. So, cleaning it is not a task. You can put it in your laundry load with other clothes, and it will still not lose its structure. After washing, you can leave this best running cap for air-drying.


Sleek fit: Designed to be one of the best running trucker hats, its UA-free fit comes with unstructured front panels and a pre-curved visor, which conforms to the head and ensures a low profile, sleek fit.


Breathable: Under Armour Men’s Launch ArmourVent Cap is also one of the best running trucker hats because of its proprietary ArmourVent Technology, ensuring that the cap is durable, light, and stretchy, thereby breathable. In addition, its moisture-wicking ability and the quick-drying fabric will leave you feeling relaxed and dry.


Reflective: These top running hats have a reflective logo and taping, which adds to your visibility even in low-light areas. Hence, wearing this one of the best winter running hats, you will always feel safe on the road.


Comfortable: Finding one of the top running hats can be quite a daunting task for men and women with thick hair. However, this is completely overcome with this hugely comfortable and very chic, and stylish hat.



  • Suitable for large heads
  • Air drying possible
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Stylish
  • Reflective logo and lines
  • Breathable



  • Big logo


Check price on Amazon


Buying Guide

When you go shopping for the running hats for small heads or the big heads, the best hat for running in cold weather, or the best running hats for hot weather, there are a few factors to consider. These factors are vital because they will help you make a wise selection and pick one of the best running beanies or hats. Let us look at them.


Fit and closure

You can find the top running hats in an array of sizes. However, there are also a few good running hats, which come in a specific size. So, if these are running hats for small heads, they will fit only people with smaller heads, and if they are larger heads, they will be comfortable for those with big heads. However, the best running beanie will be one that has an adjustable strap. These can be customized to fit your head and are incredibly comfortable. So, always opt for a cap with a hook and loop Velcro and drawstrings closure.



The best winter running hat will not add extra weight or pressure to your head. It should, thus, be lightweight. The weight is significant if you are going for trail running. More so, the lightweight best running beanies will also keep you cool, making them suitable for hot weather.



Your best running beanie must have a reflective logo and lines so that you can go for a jog even early in the morning or late at night post work. In addition, the reflective surface of the cap will ensure that you are safe on the road by increasing your visibility.



If you enjoy running in the summers, you need to pick a lightweight and breathable material. Some of the options that you can consider in the best running beanie include fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, and mesh. Also, opt for the best running beanie in a light color to keep your head cooler in the sun. On the other hand, if you pick the best winter running hat, make sure that you choose a woolen beanie or a cap with thicker fabric.


Wash and care

Some hats are hand-wash only, while others can be washed in a machine. Naturally, the best running hats would be the ones that can be hand washed and machine washed without losing structure. Also, the ones that dry quickly should be a preferred pick, especially if you enjoy daily runs.



When you are running on a hot summer day, you are naturally going to feel the heat and sweat. So, it is best to look for the best running cap that is breathable and wicks away the moisture to leave you feeling cool and dry. Ventilation mesh will be an added advantage in your best running beanie. Some of the best running trucker hats also have sweat-wicking internal liners that pull out all the sweat from your eyes and skin.



If you are going to go on longer runs, you would probably want a hat that can be conveniently folded without losing structure.


Sun protection

Continuous exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin. Thus, it is crucial to pick a hat that offers UPF 30 or 50 protection.



Typically the good running hats are in the range between 10-40 dollars. So, you can pick one that fits your budget. However, make sure you do not compromise on quality to save some bucks. The hat should be affordable but durable and rich in quality.



Best Running Hats: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Which Is Better, a Visor or a Running Hat?

Ans. The choice between the running hats and the visor depends on the purpose and preferences of the runner. The latter does not do anything to guard your head against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also does nothing to keep you protected against the snow or rain because the visor is wholly open from the top.


If you are not concerned about the UV rays, you can surely pick the visor over a running hat. However, as for the better pick, the running hat that offers adequate UPF protection should be your go-to choice.


Ques 2. How do I wash a running hat?

Ans. Some best running hats can be tossed into the machine with your other laundry and dirty linen, while a few are to be specifically hand-washed to ensure they maintain their shape and last longer.


For hand washing a hat, you need to take a plastic tub and fill it with cold water, and dip the hat in it. Now, add a spoonful of light detergent and ensure that the hat is completely soaked in. Leave for 1 hour, and then rinse it off under cold running water to ensure that all the detergent is washed off. Next, give it a gentle squeeze to rinse the extra water, and then you can leave it for air-drying.


Ques 3. Does running with a hat make you hotter?

Ans. Some running hats might make your head hotter. However, that would not be the case if you select the best running cap from the list above. All the eight hats mentioned on this list are explicitly meant for sunny and warm conditions, owing to their polyester fabric and ventilating mesh construction.


Consequently, the hats will be breathable and keep you well-ventilated. Certain hats even come with internal lining with moisture-wicking properties to extract all the sweat from your skin and eyes. Also, if you do not want to feel the heat, go with lighter-colored hats.


Ques 4. Is it bad to wear a hat while running?

Ans. No, as a matter of fact, there is an array of positive benefits of wearing a hat while running.


  1. An excellent running hat will protect you from environmental elements, such as wind, run, and the sun.
  2. They do not let the sweat enter your eyes and blur your vision, thanks to their moisture-wicking properties.
  3. They can pull the sweat from your skin in the cold water, leaving you warm and dry.
  4. Most good quality running hats come with UPF protection. So, they guard you against the harmful sun’s rays.
  5. For female runners with bangs, locks, or long hair, the running hats will keep the hair in place and not distract you while you are on the run.


Ques 5. Are baseball caps good for running?

Ans. Of course, the flat brim and the baseball hats are great, but you cannot use them for running. They do not have moisture-wicking properties and are certainly not breathable. Moreover, you cannot toss them in the machine for a wash.



So, these are the eight best running hats. Hopefully, with this narrowed-down list, making a selection will be relatively more manageable for you. If you have any doubts, you can read through the buying guide, write down all that you need from your running hat, and then compare it with the selections provided above to make your selection. Your running session cannot be complete with the proper socks and shoes. So, do read our review for the best men’s athletic socks to make the right pick.